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Uniform Policy

(The uniform is stated in the affirmative. Any garment not specifically stated is considered non-uniform.)

All uniform items are to be purchase through Star Shop.

Formal Uniform (Every student must have a formal uniform.)

  • Tartan plaid skirt- maximum of 3 inches above knee bone. Students with shorter skirts will be required to lengthen the skirt or replace it within a designated period of time.
  • White or black STA emblem polo shirt with collar purchased through STAR Shop.
  • Freshmen and Sophomore's are required to have a red or black blazer. For Juniors and Seniors blazers are optional. Juniors and Seniors need a solid black or red v-neck sweater, sweater vest or cardigan with the STA emblem.
  • Solid black, solid white, solid grey socks.
  • Solid black ankle length tights/leggings.
  • Shoes: closed-toed shoes.

Administration reserves the right to send a student home when in violation of the school uniform policy. The absence will be marked unexcused.

In Classroom Uniform Expectations (includes Formal Uniform items)

  • Hair dyed must be a natural color.
  • Skirt hemlines are to be 3 inches above knee bone.
  • STA emblem black scarf purchased from STAR Shop.
  • Only solid white T-shirts may be worn under STA emblem polo shirt.
  • Students may wear an official STA emblem sweatshirt/t-shirt on Fridays.
  • Earlobe piercing jewelry only.
  • Students must remove all coats/jackets/scarves upon entering the classroom.
  • Students may not change or destroy the skirt or pants or sweater (i.e., pull threads out, cut, roll up, safety pinned, unzipped, cut sweater to make into a cardigan, etc.) and continue to wear them to school.

Unacceptable Uniform Attire

  • No hats, visors, sunglasses, scarves or distracting accessories are permitted.
  • No capri length pants/tights/leggings.
  • No body piercing jewelry such as nose, eyebrows, tongue, lips, etc.
  • No visible tattoos.
  • Non-STA sweatshirts, non-STA sweaters, sports jackets, three-quarter zip jackets/sweatshirts/hoodies, etc.

Outerwear: (must be removed in classroom)

  • Coats/jackets may be worn between buildings as needed and in morning and afternoon advisory but must be removed in the classroom.
  • Students may wear the STA monogrammed three-quarter zip, fleece jacket, rain jacket from STAR Shop as a coat/jacket but it must be removed in the classroom.
  • Non-STA sweatshirts or sweaters, sports jackets, hoodies, three-quarter zip jackets/sweatshirts, etc. are NOT considered coats or jackets and may not be worn to school.

Unacceptable “Out of Uniform Days” Attire

  • Extremely short shorts or skirts
  • Bare backs, shoulders and midriffs, low cut shirts (back and front)
  • Clothing which displays alcohol, drugs, tobacco, obscenities, sex
  • Halters, spaghetti straps, tube tops
  • Flip flop shoes, bedroom slippers, beach shoes

Discipline Policy for Out of Uniform Violations

A student not in uniform will receive a Category III Student Behavior Report and a detention to be served the day of the violation or the following school day. Repeated uniform violations (in excess of 4) will result in a Category II SBR and consequences in the Ten Level Program. (See section titled, STA Behavioral System, for additional details.) Administration reserves the right to send a student home when in violation of the school uniform policy. The absence will be marked unexcused.