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Gift Wrap Mother Evelyn Holiday

Gift Wrap Mother Evelyn Holiday

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This custom STA gift wrap celebrates Mother Evelyn O'Neill and the joy of the Christmas Season and scenes from Our First Christmas Tree, a story about the Sisters first Christmas on the Windmoor Campus.

In 1908, Superior Mother Evelyn was responsible for securing the Windmoor campus and moving STA from 12th and Washington to our present campus. She possessed a zeal for Catholic education, an aesthetic sense, and great foresight, which enabled her to build for the future of the Academy she loved so dearly.

Star or alumna in your life will feel extra special with a gift wrapped in the STA plaid. This custom paper is made for any occasion and perfect for crafts, scrapbook pages and more!

Each sheet is 20 in x 30 in and comes with a matching gift card.

Please note: given the delicate nature of flat paper, all flat paper purchases are final sale.

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